New Business For Your Lobbying Firm

The health of any firm relies on its ability to bring new business contracts in the door. Is your firm actively seeking new client opportunities? Here are the top 20 industries spending money on lobbying.

What are they talking about? Congress Speaks

Hats off to for creating this humorous,entertaining and informative display of the words spoken in the 110th Congress. It's a true lesson in how to present information to create an emotional connection between the information and the audience.

Show Me The Money

Elizabeth Bartz of State and Federal Communications offers an excellent resource report on state stimulus funds. Information for all fifty states is included.

Using Twitter For Advocacy

There are currently over 26 million people using the, much talked about, micro-blogging technology, Twitter.  Amongst this group are many influential and trend-setting people...

Top 25 K Street Lobbying Firms – 2009 First Half

Podesta Group, the lobbying firm founded by Democrat Tony Podesta, showed the biggest percentage gain in lobbying fees among the top 25 firms on K Street during the first half of 2009.

Fair and Balanced? Not with DC Lobbyists

New study by the American Political Science Association finds: "The thousands of professional lobbyists working in Washington, DC on issues tend to be professional partisans who mobilize resources for one preferred political party exclusively.

Top Lobbying Firms 2008

Here is the answer to what many are searching for. The Top 20 Lobbying Firms from last year, 2008.