Five Easy Steps To Engage In Social Media For Public Affairs

It is hard to ignore the buzz around social media campaigns and how they can help you reach your public affairs goals.

A Look At The Transportation Lobbying Groups

Elana Schor of reports on some of the most powerful groups lobbying a variety of issues within the transportation industry.

Bonner & Associates Dropped Over False Letter Incident

The grassroots lobbying firm Bonner & Associates has been let go by The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity after false letters were created by Bonner employee.

Gas Industry Launches Campaign

A new gas industry alliance is formed to make up for lost ground in climate bill legislation.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Hires Lobbying Help

Airport's Board of Commissioners award contract to the Atlanta-based Gephardt Group.

It’s A Small, Small World

A stream of information about International organizations Lobbying within the U.S. hits the wire.

The British Are Coming

British companies are spending millions of pounds lobbying American politicians in a bid to shape legislation in the US.